At Detailed Machining, we boast 2 OMAX 80160 WaterJet Abrasive Cutting Machines, with Dynamic Head movement, and a work bed area of 80 in. X 160 in. (6.67ft. X 13.34ft.) with the ability to cut virtually ANY material up to 6 inches thick! The Water Jet uses water forced from small cutting nozel at 54,000psi to propel a garnet abrasive that has a cutting width of .042 of an inch! And talk about PRECISION! The Water Jet can cut to within a tolerance of +/- .005 of an inch and can be programmed to cut any type of profile!

Water Jet Cutting is a great alternative to traditional Laser or Plasma cutting, because Water Jet Cutting produces little to NO HEAT to the part, which eliminates any warping or hardening of the material to be cut. We are also able to stack sheets of material to cut multiple pieces in one pass!

The Water Jet can cut virtually anything, such as: Tile, Cork, Rubber, Plastic, PVC, Titanium, Aluminum, Hardened Steels, Granite, Glass, Fiberglass, AND MORE with MINIMAL SET-UP TIME!


Check out some of the parts we've made for our customers!


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