Detailed Machining Inc. is a complete full service, machine shop located in Sidney, OH.

We strive to provide our customers with fast and reliable service at a competitive price.

We can handle anything from one piece custom jobs, to large quantity production jobs with the most diverse capabilities list in the area.

We also have great relationships with several local sources, from investment casting and custom tube, pipe and sheet metal bending services to metal finishing such as polishing, painting, and chemical treatments. As you can see, the possibilities are virtually endless at Detailed Machining. If there is something to be made, we can accommodate your needs!

Have an idea, but not really sure on how to make your creation come to life? At Detailed, we also handle special projects for our customers that range from simple assembly fixtures, to jigs and machines that will have a specific operation in your factory or shop. We also make parts that are no longer available from the original manufacturer to bring "Old Faithful" back to life in a timely manner! Just send us your drawings, or simply the broken part itself so we can reverse engineer it to reproduce your part like new!


Bertsch John 2017_edited_edited.jpg

John Bertsch

President/ CEO



Straight out of high school, he jumped right into the work force. A man with a passion and the will to help others. Creating what everyone else thinks is impossible. One man, one dream, and a couple of tools , one mission.

A "Detailed" History:

Detailed Machining inc. all started in a small, one door garage in a back alley in Sidney, OH in 1997 as a service oriented machine shop. We supplied local sheet metal fabrication shops with virtually anything they needed, and fast!

Since then, Detailed has grown to a 30+ employees , and moved to a 42,000 sq. ft.  job shop. With this space we can produce anything from single custom parts, to thousands of production parts in a wide variety, and for a very wide customer base. While we do mass produce many products for large companies, we rarely turn away the always common "walk-in" jobs, for our local customers. 


Our employees have a wide range of talent and skill and bring many years of experience to help serve our customers in the best and cheapest ways possible. The task force consists of Assembly workers, Welders, CNC Machine Programmers/Operators, and Engineers to fit any and all of our customer's needs.