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Special Projects

Feel free to explore some of our many personalized projects. Some of our big projects tend to be just for making everyday production more efficient in our own shop, as well as custom ideas/plans brought to fruition. We can recreate and/or reconstruct broken parts, or even just redraw old, outdated prints and schematics if needed.

Have an idea, but not sure on how to get it off the ground? The team at Detailed Machining has your back! Have a broken part that the Manufacturer no longer makes? Bring us your parts and we can reverse engineer, and remanufacture them to be like new, or even better, if needed! Please feel free to contact us for a quote, or just to consult our professionals about any manufacturing processes or hurdles to overcome. 

garnet feeders for waterjet

part washer

A parts washer, with manual load, and auto run.


Vertical Cnc tronion

fridge rotator

Rotation up bender


collage student engineering project

NSX cool down

Cool down test stand

cut and pack

feeder conveyer and die cut press.


High Pressure Tank Testing Center

bar bender

U bolt bending press 2 1/2" to 30"


window trim forming press


segment trimming press

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