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A "Detailed" History:

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John Bertsch, the founder and president of Detailed Machining Inc., began his career working for several local companies before embarking on a mission to establish his own business. Fueled by a passion to help others and accomplish what others thought was impossible, Bertsch saved up enough funds and acquired the necessary tools to make his vision a reality.

Starting with a humble one-door garage in Sidney, OH in 1997, Bertsch founded Detailed Machining Inc. as a service-oriented machine shop, catering to the needs of local sheet metal fabrication shops. Through his unwavering commitment and dedication to his work, along with a focus on delivering excellent service to his customers, Bertsch and his team were able to grow the business and achieve success.

Today, Detailed Machining Inc. has over 25 skilled employees and a 42,000 sq. ft. job shop, allowing them to produce everything from single custom parts to mass production runs for a diverse range of clients. While the company works on larger-scale projects for major corporations, they also continue to provide personalized service to their local customers and welcome "walk-in" jobs.

At Detailed Machining Inc., Bertsch's leadership style and business acumen have earned him the respect and admiration of his team, and his passion and vision continue to guide the company towards continued growth and success.

 President/CEO and Founder of Detailed Machining Inc. and Past Chairman/Trustee of The Dayton Region Manufacturers Association (DRMA).

John Bertsch


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